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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tactical team called out in Shawnee

Posted: October 19, 2011 - 12:01am
Updated: October 20, 2011 - 10:15pm

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Updated Post:

An Overland Park man, Jeffry Hurd, 32, has now been arraigned on several charges related to the Wednesday morning standoff. Those charges include; Reckless Stalking, Aggravated Assault, Battery/Domestic Violence, Criminal Damage to Property, and Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm. Hurd was also ordered to have a "Mental Health Evaluation" prior to being able to bond out. He is being held on at $10,000 bond in the Johnson County Jail. The next court date is scheduled for November 16, 2011.

Original Post:

The Shawnee Police Department worked a standoff situation "Operation 100" in the 10500 block of W 55th Street or just east of Nieman Road on W 55th Street. Police say the situation began before midnight.

A witness tells Operation 100 News he heard "12 pops," "around 11:30." He says a short time later he noticed flashing lights and "saw several units flying down 55th. I kept an eye out and saw one police car billowing smoke from the engine. The police were walking around with assault rifles." Police are not commenting on the report of a damaged police vehicle. The same witness also says police "set down stop sticks" in the area of the situation.

Shawnee Police's STAR Team was called out, shortly after midnight. Team members assembled at a staging area at West Flanders Park, on the northeast corner of 55th Street and Nieman Road.

The situation reportedly involved a male armed with a handgun in a parked vehicle, who possibly fired that weapon prior to the tactical call out. That male subject was communicating with Johnson County Dispatchers until negotiators arrived. The man was alone in the vehicle.

The man is alleged to be a suspect in crime that occurred in Prairie Village on Tuesday night. Prairie Village Police responded to the staging area in Shawnee to speak with the victim of that alleged crime.

Armored Tactical vehicles arrived at the scene and blocked the man's vehicle in place shortly after 1:30 a.m.. The man surrendered peacefully at 2:11 a.m.. He was cooperative with the negotiators and prior to surrendering tossed his weapons, including a gun, knife and collapsible baton, from a window of the vehicle.

Police from Merriam as well as Lenexa assisted in the beginning stages of the operation.

No injuries were reported. As standard procedure, a Johnson County Med-Act Tactical Medic responded to the scene.

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