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Friday, December 16, 2011

Lenexa McDonalds robbery

Posted: December 16, 2011 - 2:27am
Updated: January 9, 2011 - 5:17am

UPDATE: Police say that this robbery included an "inside connection" which involved several employees. Five people, ages 15-18 and including one known gang member, face a variety of serious charges in Johnson County Court.

Original Story:

Lenexa Police are investigating this morning after the McDonald's restaurant, in the 15900 block of west 87th Street Parkway, was robbed by two males. Police say the robbery occurred shortly after 2 a.m..

Officers from Lenexa, Shawnee and Johnson County Park Police all assisted in the manhunt. Two suspects were involved in the robbery. Both were described as black males, 20-25 years of age, both were around 5' 11" tall with "skinny" build. The men concealed their faces with masks and both were wearing black sweatshirts. During the robbery one man was armed with a shotgun and the other was armed with a pistol.

A Lenexa Police K-9 unit searched the area immediately after the robbery was reported. While searching, Officers noticed a vehicle that was first seen with one occupant and then a few minutes later with two additional occupants. That vehicle was stopped, near 87th Street Parkway and Lackman Road, just before 3 a.m.. The vehicle's occupants were detained and Police believe at least one of those subjects was "directly involved" in the initial robbery.

Police are not releasing how much money the men are believed to have left the business with and only saying that Detectives and Officers continue to investigate the incident. No injuries were reported.

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