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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two fatal and two others critically injured in Kansas City crash

Posted: July 8, 2012 - 3:50am
Updated: July 8, 2012 - 10:53pm

Update: The Kansas Highway Patrol says that a Roeland Park Police Officers spotted a vehicle driving around, acting suspicious in the Walmart parking lot. The Officer followed the vehicle and attempted a traffic stop. The vehicle failed to yield to the officer, and continued northbound on Roe lane at a high rate of speed. The driver lost control of the SUV on a curve and crashed into a bridge pillar. All seven occupants were ejected from the vehicle, which caught fire and burned.

Authorities have identified the two fatalities as; 19-year-old Alexis J. Medina and 18-year-old Karla Robledo, both of Kansas City, Missouri. Medina was pronounced deceased at the crash scene, Robledo was transported to an area hospital where she later died.

The other victims range in age from 15 to 19 years of age. Troopers say no one in the vehicle was wearing a seat belt.

Original Story:

Shortly after 3 a.m. Roeland Park Police reported a vehicle at a high rate of speed northbound on Roe Lane approaching County Line Road. The officer reported that the vehicle failed to yield for him and that he was not in pursuit of the vehicle. The officer requested that dispatchers notify Kansas City, Kansas Police. Seconds later the Roeland Park officer reported the vehicle had crashed on Roe Lane under Interstate 35. Officers immediately requested an emergency response from Kansas City, Kansas Fire and EMS for several ejections and a car fire.

Click map to view larger image
Accident scene is on Roe Lane under Interstate 35
Traffic on Roe Boulevard/18th Street Expressway is not effected
Kansas City, Kansas Fire initially dispatched a two fire apparatus response for a car fire at the location, that response was then upgraded to include a Shift Commander and one ambulance. The first fire apparatus to arrive reported one vehicle "fully involved" with fire. A short time later Incident Command requested a total of five ambulances to the scene. Police say six of the vehicle's seven occupants were ejected during the crash.

One male was pronounced deceased at the scene. A female, said to be in her "late teens", was transported from the scene with extremely critical injuries, she has since passed away at an area hospital. Two others remain in critical condition. A total of five people were transported by KCK EMS from the scene to area hospitals.

Victim's ages are said to range from 15 to mid 20's and include both males and females. Investigators from the Kansas Highway Patrol say only one vehicle was involved.

The Highway Patrol continues to investigate the accident.

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