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Saturday, September 17, 2011

New hours for Operation 100 News

After months of consideration, I have decided to trim back the number of hours that I am dedicating to Operation 100 News. There still will be updates on a daily basis but, lets please remember this is and always has been a one man show. 

Operation 100 News has been and will continue to be my full time job. However, I can no longer afford to dedicate more than 63 hours a week to keeping the general public updated for free. I will be cutting back hours to just about 45 hours a week. I remain available to accept new contracts and continue to honor current contracts, more information on that can be found here.

I am left with tough decisions; 
A) Make Operation 100 News a paid subscription service for you the follower
B) Shutting down completely to the general public
C) Cut hours 

At this time, cutting hours is the best decision.

I remain available to expanding the hours again should new contract work emerge. At this time that is not happening and I am forced to cut back and explore other ventures. I have big plans for expanding Operation 100 News to a higher level both on Twitter and one day on scene, gathering information including pictures and video, of various incidents throughout my coverage area. To do that requires funding and right now, funding is extremely tight.

As always, thank you for your time in reading this and thank you for your continued support.

New Hours are as follows and are effective immediately:
Mon: 2:00 am-7:00 am
Tue - Wed:12:00 am-7:00 am
Thu - Fri: 2:00 am-7:00 am
Sat - Sun:12:00 am-8:00 am

Hours are also posted on the Facebook Page

Questions and comments are welcome on this page along with on the Facebook page or by email.

Questions and comments posted on this page must be approved before they appear to the public and inappropriate comments will be removed from the Facebook page.

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