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Monday, August 22, 2011

Scammers posing as Sheriff's Deputies

Johnson County Sheriff's Office News Release:

Olathe, Kan. – Scammers posing as Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputies have stolen thousands of dollars from area businesses in the last two years.  And this trend continued with at least two more scam attempts in recent weeks involving businesses in Olathe.  

The scam begins with a phone call to a business and in most cases a restaurant.  The caller then requests to speak to the manager on duty.  The caller tells the manager they are with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and one of their employees has been arrested and is in jail.  The caller usually has the name, the reason for the arrest and a very good description of the person they claim to need bail money for.  They then request the manager wire money to bond their employees out of jail.  The request is to a specific place which is always outside of the Johnson County area.  

It should be stressed that the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office does not under any circumstances request money from anyone concerning a bond.  The person making requests for bond money should be the person arrested and in need of bail.

Anyone receiving a call from anyone identifying themselves as a deputy with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office requesting bail money be wired to a location should gather as much information from the caller as they can, hang up, call 911 and report this attempted crime.   
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