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Thursday, November 6, 2014

COURT UPDATE: Suspects in November 2014 carjacking in Shawnee

Posted: November 6, 2014 - 2:32am
Updated: February 16, 2016 - 12:31am

Court update:

Johnson County court records show the now 18-year-old lived in the Cottonwood Park Apartments in Shawnee and was a suspect passenger in a November 2014 carjacking. In January 2015, he pled guilty to a reduced charge of felony burglary and received a two and a half year sentence for his role in the November 2014 carjacking. According to court records prosecutors dropped the charge of attempted kidnapping against him. Operation 100 News does not release the names of juvenile offenders.

The second suspect, a now 18-year-old Olathe resident, Madio Torrence Bayha remains in custody at the Johnson County Sheriff's Office Adult Detention Center. Court records show Bayha is being tried as an adult. He faces charges of aggravated robbery, kidnapping, recklessly fleeing a law enforcement officer, and battery of a corrections/detention officer. His next court appearance is scheduled for March 9, 2016.

Accident report: November 16, 2014

Operation 100 News has obtained a copy of the Shawnee Police Department's accident report from the November 6th vehicle pursuit and suspect vehicle crash near Shawnee Mission Parkway and Kansas Highway 7.

The six page accident report
The report identifies the driver as a 17-year-old from Olathe, and the passenger as a 17-year-old Shawnee resident. The passenger is listed as resident of an apartment complex two blocks from the Hy-Vee store where the carjacking occurred.

Operation 100 News has chosen to withhold the names of the two juveniles alleged in this case.

Included in the accident report is an illustration (shown below) of the vehicle's path and estimated speeds.

Shawnee PD Traffic Unit illustration of the vehicle's path
Click image to view larger
The crash narrative states that the vehicle was traveling westbound, at high speed, on 67th Street, where the driver began braking towards the west end of the Kansas Highway 7 bridge.

"The vehicle skidded several hundred feet before going off road left," the report says.

After leaving the road the car struck a KDOT owned exit sign, a ditch and then went airborne. While airborne, the car struck the top of a KDOT owned fence and rolled over twice, coming back to land on its wheels on the Nachbar Automotive property, 6801 Hedge Lane Terrace.

Officers say all of the vehicle's airbags had deployed.

Shawnee Police collecting evidence from the crashed car
Click image to view larger
Additional photos from the crash scene can be found below this report
"It is unknown where [passenger name] was in the vehicle when the crash occurred. He was found in the back seat when [officer name] approached the vehicle," according to the accident report.

The owner of Nachbar Automotive estimates damage done to his property to be $2,000. This includes damage to landscaping and damage to vehicles from crash debris that landed on vehicles in his parking lot.

The report concludes with a list of seven suggested charges, related to only the crash. Those charges do not include the initial carjacking incident at Hy-Vee. Suggested charges include: felony fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, no driver's license, speed too fast for conditions, improper driving, violations of traffic control signals, and reckless criminal damage to property.

Johnson County court records show both juveniles have been charged with aggravated robbery and attempted kidnapping. The driver has also been charged with fleeing a law enforcement officer.

Check back with this report for updates as additional information is confirmed.

Original Report: November 6, 2014

Shawnee Police are investigating an armed carjacking that occurred in the parking lot of the Shawnee Hy-Vee late Wednesday, November 5th.

Officers were called to the Hy-Vee store, 13550 West 63rd Street, at 11:55 p.m. Wednesday. The victim, a 64-year-old man from Shawnee, told officers that his gray 2010 Honda Accord was stolen by two, younger black men wearing hooded sweatshirts.

The victim said one of the men had a weapon, according to Maj. Dan Tennis of the Shawnee Police Department, but wasn't sure what it was. Tennis said the victim had been shopping at the Hy-Vee, had loaded his groceries into his car and was putting his shopping cart away when he was approached by the suspects. Tennis said the two suspects are 17-years-old.

"They demanded his vehicle keys, phone, wallet and told him to get in the car as well," Tennis said

Tennis said the victim instead ran inside the Hy-Vee where he asked for help and dialed 911. He was not injured.

A Shawnee officer then spotted the stolen Accord, westbound on Shawnee Mission Parkway near Barker Road. The officer attempted to stop the suspects and after initially slowing, the suspects accelerated to nearly 100 miles-per-hour and sped through red lights at Monticello Road and Hilltop Road with officers in pursuit, according to Tennis.

"Due to the high speeds, the car driving without headlights and running red lights, our officer stopped the chase," Tennis said.

Officers lost sight of the car near Kansas Highway 7, according to police. The officer that was leading the pursuit reported that they might have gone south on Kansas Highway 7. The pursuit was called off at 12:06 Thursday morning.

About 20 minutes later, Tennis said, the vehicle was located, wrecked, with the two juvenile suspects still inside.

The crash scene was on the property of Nachbar Automotive, 6801 Hedge Lane Terrace, just west of Kansas Highway 7. The vehicle crashed through a ditch, and a barbed wire highway fence.

Johnson County Med-Act transported both suspects from the crash scene, one with serious injuries. The crash scene was six-and-a-half miles from the Hy-Vee store where the carjacking occurred.

Johnson County Med-Act transporting one of the injured suspects
Click image to view larger

Shawnee Fire and Police on the scene
Click image to view larger
Tennis said the Shawnee Police Department's Traffic Safety Unit was called out to investigate the crash. One of the juveniles was released from the hospital at about 4:30 a.m. Thursday and was transported by Shawnee Police to the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center in Olathe.

Part of the wooden support that holds up the exit sign was thrown onto the property of Nachbar Automotive
Click image to view larger

Skid marks and debris from the exit sign show where the car crossed the eastbound lanes and into a ditch.
Click image to view larger

A Ford Mustang was sprayed with fluids from the suspect vehicle as it crashed
Click image to view larger

Orange spray paint marks where the suspect vehicle came to rest after smashing through the exit sign and through a barbed wire fence
Click image to view larger

The crashing car tore a path through the grass as it skidded out of control
Click image to view larger

At least eight vehicles in the Nachbar Automotive used car lot had dirt and other debris thrown on them by the crashing car
Click image to view larger
Operation 100 News was the only media at the scene as the injured suspects were transported away from the scene by ambulance and police processed the stolen car.

Remember where you heard this news first, Operation 100 News, reporting the news to the public as it breaks.

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