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Friday, May 24, 2013

Zip tie robber apprehended following high speed chase and shootout

Posted: May 24, 2013 - 1:31am
Updated: May 24, 2013 - 5:28am

Updated report: Charges filed in Halftime Liquor Store robbery; additional charges pending

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A source familiar with the investigation tells Operation 100 News that an early morning car chase led to the arrest of a suspect in at least 14 robberies across five cities.

The most recent robbery occurred Thursday night at the Halftime Liquor Store, 15810 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Shawnee.

Police say they were called to the business around 8:35 p.m.. Two officers happened to be right in front of the store as the robbery took place. Those officers pursued the suspect vehicle into Kansas City, Kansas. Those officers lost sight of the vehicle but, remained in the area with Kansas City, Kansas Police to watch for the vehicle.

Shawnee Police say two victims of the liquor store robbery were placed in a cooler prior to the suspect leaving the business. No injuries were reported.

Two earlier Shawnee robberies occurred at the Temp Stop convenience store, 13515 W. 63rd Street, on May 9th and again on May 14th. Both times a clerk, working alone, was approached by a man with a gun. After the clerk complied with the suspect's demands, the suspect handcuffed the clerk with zip ties and ran from the scene. Both times the suspect description was similar and included dark clothes, a bandanna over his face with sunglasses. Since the robberies, Shawnee Police have stepped up patrols around Temp Stop and other 24-hour convenience stores in the city.

At 12:15 Friday morning, Kansas City, Kansas Police reported spotting the vehicle that was seen fleeing the liquor store robbery. The driver of the black Chevrolet Cobalt refused to stop when police attempted to conduct a traffic stop near Interstate 435 and Leavenworth Road. Instead the driver sped away, into oncoming traffic on Interstate 435. The suspect was southbound in the northbound lanes of the interstate, police did not pursue.

The vehicle was spotted again southbound on 94th Street, just south of State Avenue. Kansas City, Kansas Police lost sight of the vehicle between Interstate 70 and Kansas Avenue.

Shawnee Police were watching Interstate 435 for the suspect to possibly make his way back south. This preparation paid off for police when an officer at Interstate 435 and Johnson Drive spotted the vehicle traveling southbound.

The officer began to pursue the suspect car as they merged onto westbound Shawnee Mission Parkway from Interstate 435. Speeds were reported to have reached 110 miles per hour on Shawnee Mission Parkway, just before Monticello Road.

Police continued to pursue as the driver turned onto northbound Kansas Highway 7, where speeds increased to around 120 miles per hour. The chase continued into Bonner Springs and back into Wyandotte County.

Four Shawnee Police officers remained in pursuit of the vehicle as they approached Kansas Avenue, where the vehicle ran a red traffic signal, around 100 miles per hour.

The driver then took the ramp from Kansas Highway 7 to eastbound Interstate 70. This is where Police reported the vehicle had spun out. Officers boxed the vehicle in and reported "shots fired."

No officers reported injuries in the exchange of gunfire. The suspect continued to flee, in the vehicle, now westbound in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 70. Police say the vehicle traveled about 1.5 miles in the wrong direction before being involved in an accident. A source tells Operation 100 News the vehicle was disabled when it crashed into a FedEx truck on Interstate 70.

The suspect took off  on foot from the crashed vehicle. By this time, the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department's helicopter was overhead and followed the man as he attempted to flee. The helicopter located the suspect a few blocks south of the crash scene, laying on a dock on a small pond. He was taken into custody around 12:40 a.m..

A source familiar with the incident tells Operation 100 News that the suspect was found to have a single gunshot would to is left forearm, just below his elbow. Bonner Springs EMS transported the man, in police custody, to the University of Kansas Hospital. His injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

Police continue to investigate the officer involved shooting scene at Interstate 70 and Kansas Highway 7.

In a statement released just after 3:30 a.m., Shawnee Police say that the description of the suspect in the liquor store robbery was similar to other recent robberies in the city. At this time police are not officially confirming any relation between this suspect and the Temp Stop robberies earlier this month.

Shawnee Police say that detectives are working closely with the Bonner Springs and Kansas City, Kansas Police Departments to investigate this incident in its entirety. Additional information is expected to be released throughout the day.

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