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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charges Filed after Early Morning Pursuit

Overland Park Police have filed charges against the driver involved in an early morning pursuit that started in Kansas City, Missouri. The chase started at 39th Street and Pennsylvania, around 3:00am, when Kansas City, Missouri Police attempted to stop the car for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence. The driver refused to exit the car and took off. The chase reached speeds of nearly 80 miles per hour while on Ward Parkway. The chase then moved over to Holmes where the driver entered I-435 going east. While on the interstate, Kansas City, Missouri Police attempted to throw spike strips in front of the vehicle on numerous different occasions.

The driver blew through the Three Trails Crossing and went eastbound on I-470. The chase exited at Raytown Road and then immediately got back on I-470 and went back westbound. Again the chase passed through Three Trails crossing continuing westbound on I-435 towards Kansas. Reaching speeds of just under 100 miles per hour the chase reached Stateline Road where Leawood Officers were waiting with more spike strips across the highway. After striking one of the spike strips the driver continued on I-435 to the interchange with US 69 Highway in Overland Park where the driver went southbound. By this time Kansas City, Missouri Police had their Helicopter and a K-9 unit involved in the chase, along with Overland Park Officers.

The chase sped down US 69 Highway until it reached 151st Street. The driver was holding one hand out of the drivers window taunting the Officers who were pursuing him. Overland Park Police made contact with the driver's parents at the residence that he shares with them in South Overland Park. The subjects parents stated they were on the phone with their son and he was making suicidal comments to them. The chase exited US 69 Highway and started east until they reached Marty Street where the subject drove into a back parking lot at the Blue Valley District Offices and became boxed in by Officers.

The subject refused to exit the vehicle or obey any of the Officer's commands. While attempting to escape in the vehicle the subject backed into Kansas City, Missouri Police K-9 vehicle and then became stuck in the snow. Kansas City, Missouri Police used a less lethal, bean bag round to open one of the vehicles windows so they could better see the subject inside. When Police moved in, to take the driver into custody, the subject attempted to fight with Officers and was sprayed with OC Spray (Oleoresin Capicum or Pepper Spray). The subject was taken into custody and then transported by Johnson County Med-Act to a local hospital for evaluation.

Two Kansas City, Missouri Police vehicles were damaged during the pursuit and one required a tow truck. No Officers involved were injured.

Wednesday Morning the subject was booked into the Johnson County Jail. He faces numerous charges including; Aggravated Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer with a Motor Vehicle, Flee & Elude, Obstruction of the Legal Process, Criminal Damage to Property and Driving Under the Influence.

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