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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Juveniles arrested following burglary and pursuit in western Shawnee

Posted: November 5, 2015 - 3:41am
Updated: November 5, 2015 - 12:24pm

Shawnee Police arrested three juveniles after a western Shawnee resident reported someone was opening her garage door late Wednesday night.

According to Major Dan Tennis, officers were dispatched to the 24200 block of West 67th Terrace on a possible aggravated residential burglary in progress at 11:44 p.m..

A woman called 911 to report that she heard her garage door open, she then closed it only to hear the door open again. The woman and her husband told police that they didn't see anyone. The couple reported a garage door opener had been stolen from a vehicle parked in their driveway.

At 11:53 a Shawnee dispatcher requested a third officer to respond to the area of the call. A police supervisor added himself to the call seconds later.

Due to encryption of police radios, it's unclear where or when officers located the suspects and the suspect car. Police also started their pursuit on an encrypted radio channel, before moving to a regional pursuit channel minutes later.

Radio traffic from a Lenexa Police dispatcher, at 11:54, stated that Shawnee officers were in pursuit of a black passenger car eastbound on 70th near Belmont and that it is related to an aggravated burglary. At least two Lenexa officers, including one K-9, said they would start towards the area of Shawnee's pursuit.

By 11:55 Shawnee radios had been moved to a regional pursuit channel and the pursuit was eastbound on 71st Street from Gleason Road. The suspects drove to the dead-end of 71st Street, east of Hedge Lane Terrace, where they made a U-turn and sped off back to the west.

A Shawnee officer reported speeds of 60 miles-per-hour on westbound 71st Street near Apache Drive. The black 2015 Kia Forte turned north onto Mize Road with speeds around 50 miles-per-hour.

The suspect driver followed Mize Road to 63rd Street, where the road turns east, with speeds around 30. The suspects turned north on Clare Road and slowed to 10 miles-per-hour before coming to a stop, just south of 61st Terrace.

Major Tennis says, "while turning a corner, the vehicle struck a curb or rock which flattened one of the front tires. The vehicle was not able to drive anymore and stopped."

According to radio traffic, the pursuing officer held the car at gunpoint until additional officers could arrive to assist him.

"Three juveniles were taken into custody without incident," Tennis said. "Both males were 17 and the female was 16."

Operation 100 News has independently confirmed two male juveniles and one female juvenile were taken into custody. All three were questioned by police at Shawnee Police headquarters, before being transported to the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center in Olathe around 3 a.m..

Tennis says, "the case is being sent to the Johnson County District Attorney's office this morning for review and charging."

Attempts to contact police immediately following the pursuit were not answered.

This is the second occasion [that Operation 100 is aware of] Shawnee Police have attempted to keep a high-speed pursuit on an encrypted radio channel. An October 2014 pursuit, which started with a Shawnee Police K-9 vehicle being rammed in a QuikTrip parking lot, was heavily encrypted. Shawnee officers led the nearly 40 mile pursuit, which ended 30 minutes later near Blue Springs, Missouri. Previous Operation 100 News report.

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