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Monday, January 24, 2011


Just before 9:50pm Monday evening Lenexa Police Officers located missing teenager, Nathaniel Darrah in the home of a Family friend. It is not believed that the residents were aware that the missing teen was in their house. The home is located near 93rd Street and Lenexa Drive, just west of Quivira Road.

Darrah had not been seen since around 8am Monday morning near 95th Street and Bluejacket in Overland Park, as he was walking to school at Westridge Middle School in the 9300 Block of Nieman Road.

School authorities reported Darrah missing just after noon Monday. Overland Park Police immediately began searching the area. About 3pm, Overland Park Fire Department began searching storm drains in the area for any sign of the teen and assisting Police in a door to door search. The Kansas Highway Patrol assisted in the search with their helicopter and the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department also volunteered their helicopter to help search.
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