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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Changes coming February 1st.

Operation 100 is a free service to the general public and is available to be contracted by news media outlets to provide breaking news updates directly to your News-desk or in field Journalist. Please contact with any further questions or inquiries for service. 

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Just a reminder for those following Operation 100's Updates on Facebook. As of Tuesday, February 1st, Facebook posts will be limited and will not include all posts that are shared on our Twitter page. With the lack of Page controls currently available through Facebook it is not possible to restrict who sees posts and how the posts are shared. If you currently follow Operation 100 on Facebook and do not have a Twitter account, signing up is fast, free, and easy. It can be done here  After your account is setup simply go to and select “Follow” or after February 1st “Send Follow Request”. On that same page you can select to receive Operation 100’s tweets directly to your mobile device.

Effective Tuesday, February 1st, Tweets will be protected. Those already following Operation 100 on Twitter will not be affected by this change but by continuing to follow are agreeing to the following; by sending a “Follow Request” or continuing to follow @Operation100 you the follower are agreeing that you will not redistribute, publish, post or otherwise share any content posted on the Operation 100 Twitter page without doing one of the following. 

Retweeting is encouraged, within reason. Please DO NOT retweet every post made, doing so will result in you being removed as a follower, as this defeats the purpose of Operation 100 posts being protected and allows anyone to see them. If you choose to share a tweet without using the Retweet, credit needs to be given to @Operation100 in EVERY REPOST that you make. This can simply be done by adding, @Operation100 to the end of your tweet. Copy and paste, without using the Retweet or adding @Operation100 to your new Tweet is not allowed and those that do so will be removed from following Operation 100 and any new requests to follow Operation 100 on twitter will be denied.

It is also NOT ALLOWED for you to Retweet Operation 100 and then Copy & Paste without including @Operation100 in your new post. If you received the information from an Operation 100 post you must give credit to Operation 100 by including @Operation100 in each post using information obtained from Operation 100. Again, those found to be doing so will be blocked. 

If you do become blocked, Operation 100 is not obligated to give you any explanation as to why you were blocked. 

By following Operation 100 on Twitter, you are agreeing that you have read and understand these terms. 

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