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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your input wanted

I am currently working on compiling an updated Follower Survey to be released in about a week. What questions would you like to see on the revised survey? Please leave comments on this page or email with a subject line of “Survey”

From the previous survey results I can say that there are some events that I refuse to send any notification of. These events include and are not limited to, medical related calls (seizures, accidental medication overdoses, etc.). Someone who is experiencing a medical emergency has called 911 for Emergency Services. That person and their family have a right to privacy and not having their address and/or condition sent out for the world to see. Next I will not tell you when or where you may see a DUI Checkpoint. Impaired driving is illegal. If you chose to do so that is your decision, you get to deal with the consequences of your actions. I will not help you by telling you how to avoid contact with Police.

The majority of interest seems to be with Johnson County and Douglas County, so this is where the majority of notifications will be. Exceptions would be events like Amber Alerts or other large public safety issues that can affect a region instead of a single county.

Operation 100 is a business and is currently not making a dime. This is a one man show, I am not able to monitor the scanners 24 hours a day, I am human and I do require sleep. I do work part-time and I am able to continue sending notifications while working. The revised survey will again include a few questions about possible subscription fees. At this time there is not a plan for becoming a paid service. For Operation 100 to become a subscription based service would require me to move to another method of delivering notifications away from Facebook and Twitter based notifications. I am exploring several different options to continue providing notifications quickly and to wherever you the follower would like to receive them.  

Operation 100 is available to be contracted by local media outlets to provide your organization with detailed notifications on breaking news events to your News desk or an on-call journalist Please contact for further details. 
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