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Sunday, January 22, 2012

4 Shawnee homes damaged by fire this morning

Posted: January 22, 2012 - 5:25am
Updated: January 23, 2021 - 2:15am

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Firefighters from Shawnee, Lenexa and Olathe battled fires at four homes this morning in the Red Oak Hills neighborhood in Shawnee. The first fire was reported at 17317 W 70th Street at 5:02 a.m.. This address is located just west of Interstate 435, between Midland Drive and Shawnee Mission Parkway.

A Fire Department official says that for the three homes, damage estimate is $450,000. Shawnee Fire Department Investigator Corey Sands says the two residents awoke to the sound of their home's windows cracking due to the heat of the fire. The home had a wood burning stove in the basement. What the homeowner believed to be cooled embers, were transferred from a metal can to a plastic bag and then into a garbage can behind the home. Those embers ignited up the rear of the home, fueled by the gusty winds.

The call was dispatched at 5:02 a.m. with the residents of the home calling 911 from a neighbors home. Initial reports from the resident were that the home was evacuated and had become heavily involved with fire. The two residents safely escaped from the home.

Shawnee Police arrived at 5:05 a.m. and confirmed that the house was fully involved with fire. Officers also reported that embers from the fire were blowing in the wind onto neighboring homes.

The first fire apparatus arrived on scene at 5:08 a.m. and immediately went into defensive operations. Aerial apparatus were setup to put water on the fire from above and help in containing the flying embers.

Police evacuated at least three neighboring homes, one of which the resident reported their windows were "beginning to crack".

One home, directly across the street at 17316 W 70th Street, sustained some minor fire damage to a front porch and a few bushes. That fire was quickly extinguished by firefighters. Damage to this home is said to be under $500.

At 5:20 a.m. a third home, at 6805 Mill Creek Road, sustained damage to it's roof after flying embers caught it's wood shake shingles on fire. Lenexa firefighters extinguished the roof fire. Damage to this home was estimated at nearly $7,000.

At 6:17 a.m., fire crews spotted a fourth home, at 6907 Mill Creek Road, with flames visible from a wooden rear deck. Fire crews quickly ordered additional units to respond to the area and assist . Damage to this home was also estimated at nearly $7,000.

Both fires on Mill Creek Road were reported to be extinguished at 6:56 a.m..

No injuries were reported on any of the fire scenes. Johnson County Med-Act was standing by at the scene.

As always, remember where you heard this news first. Operation 100 News, reporting the news to the public as it breaks. It was reported on Twitter as soon as it was dispatched at 5:03 a.m., followed by constant updates. Nothing from any other news media until after 6:30 a.m..

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Home as of October 23, 2009
Photo provided by Johnson County Appraiser's Office
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View from the rear of the home where
the fire is reported to have began
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Two vehicles, a Lexus passenger car and a Chevrolet truck
both remain in the heavily damaged home's garage.
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Firefighters from the Shawnee Fire Department's
Quint 72 & Brush 72 extinguish hot spots Sunday afternoon.
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Firefighters from the Shawnee Fire Department's Quint 72 & Brush 72
roll up hose line after extinguishing hot spots on Sunday afternoon.
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