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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Westar Energy warns customers to be on alert

Westar Energy is reminding their customers to be on alert for fraudulent callers claiming to be Westar Energy employees. Several customers have contacted Westar Energy's Customer Relations center after receiving suspicious calls.

In most cases, the caller claims to be a Westar Energy Customer Service Representative and attempts to gain credit card information or other personal information, claiming a check bounced or that there is a past-due bill. When questioned, the caller has provided a call-back number that belongs to an adult entertainment business.

Westar Energy says that legitimate calls should show 316-383-8600 and Westar Energy on caller ID. Customer Service agents should always be able to provide their name and extension if requested. Calls from Westar Energy requesting payment are never made the same day as the disconnection. The customer should always have the opportunity to call Westar Energy back and verify the information.

If you receive a call that is suspicious, Westar Energy says that you should hang up and call the Westar Energy Customer Relations Center at 1-800-383-1183 or report the call to local law enforcement.
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